[IAEP] status on Sugar Guide for 0.84

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The new Sugar manual looks very professional. You folks have done a great job.

 I was, however, disappointed to find that, although running it on a Mac is mentioned, the instructions for doing it are not included.  The education world in the US is mostly a Mac world.  A lot of people would like to run it on their classroom machines.

If it currently only works on Intel based machines, could we at least include instructions for that?  Meanwhile, is anyone working on getting it to run on Power PC Macs?  I have both and can test it whenever it is ready and you send me the info on getting it.


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> Hi all -
> I am thinking the Sugar Guide is ready for one last look before I publish to
> PDF and HTML.
> It's still on the WRITE side of FLOSS Manuals, so feel free to do any
> last-minute proofing and edits here:
> http://en.flossmanuals.net/bin/view/Sugar/8_4/WebHome
> We had some technical hurdles to overcome since it's our first version
> update on a manual (way to lead the way Sugar!). But I think enough bugs are
> worked out to allow publishing tomorrow (Friday 3/27).
> Final items:
>    1. Walter or someone with python knowledge, could you review the
>    "Modifying Sugar" chapter at
>    http://en.flossmanuals.net/bin/view/Sugar/8_4/ModifyingSugar? I had to
>    take all the code examples (python and svg xml) and put them into images so
>    that the PDF generation will work.
>    2. There's a problem with misnumbered chapters for which I've logged a
>    trac issue and Aco has taken: http://adam.engagetv.com/trac/ticket/81.
>    3. Walter, David, and Adam - let's talk about getting an ISBN for this
>    book if we want to sell it on Amazon. If we do decide to sell it on Amazon,
>    we'll need a new book cover to match Crown Quarto dimensions. (The
>    dimensions are 190mm x 250mm and the page count is 226.)
> Thanks, all, for your assistance and patience.
> Anne
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> Anne Gentle
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