[IAEP] Getting the message out - take2

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sun Jan 18 20:57:15 EST 2009

Christoph Derndorfer wrote:
> May I kindly suggest adding a few more words about learning, education,
> deployments and results?

Deployments have better stories about learning than the rest of us can
possibly tell.

Until now, deployments have had little to no contact with us Sugar
developers.  This should probably change in the near future, as they
start looking around for support.

I believe that deployments should become directly involved with Sugar
development instead of being treated like customers that are actively
discouraged from touching the code for support reasons.

This is why I went to Nepal, and why I'm now planning to visit the
Philippines.  Establishing Local Labs is our way to formalize sush
collaboration, but we've just started doing it so there aren't many
success stories we can tell yet.

> The current list of items there might be of interest to lwn readers but
> you would lose 90% of the readers one might want to address at "Sugar's
> development infrastructure..."
> In fact I would suggest targeted messages to at least two or three
> different groups of people that Sugar Labs should be talking to: e.g.
> developers, educators and people in international development.

Yes, I probably have a strong bias towards developers :-)

Well, I guess this is why journalists exist.  I'm handing you some
data, but it's your job to turn it into a story that people would be
interested to read.

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