[IAEP] Support vs Educational Content Writers.

C.W. Holeman II cwhii_cplo at julianlocals.com
Sun Jan 18 11:00:23 EST 2009


This Content Writer is for training on the use of and in support of
Sugar. There needs to be another
kind of person that creates content for use in Sugar by the Activities
like the Browser.
I have not come up with two good terms to simply and clearly identify
the distinction.
So, I will use "Educational Content Writers" and "Support Content Writers".

The Support Content Writer creates content that is analogous to
operational information for a school:
where to go in case of a fire, what time school starts, what days are
holidays, how to check a book out of the library. The Educational
Content Writer is analogous to the creator of the textbooks, library
books, posters on the bulletin boards, science lab books. A classroom
teacher using an XO with Sugar with students in Peru can be either
kind of Content Writer. A retired teacher at home in Indiana with a MS
Windows computer can also be either kind of Content Writer.

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