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Christoph Derndorfer e0425826 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Sun Jan 18 19:38:28 EST 2009

Bernie Innocenti schrieb:
> Tomeu Vizoso wrote:
>> please update http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/Events/FOSDEM_2009
>> if you are going to attend FOSDEM.
> Done.
>>> Who is hosting us?
>> About sleeping, I think we haven't started worrying about that. Though
>> may be about time.
> I know a few people in Brussels, but none who could provide free beds.
> If we must, let's at least book in the same hotel.  I'll come from
> Florence by car with a few friends: Torello "mk8" Querci, Massimo
> "mostro" Santoro, Stefano "aleph" Fedrigo and Tommaso "nonickname"
> Massimi.
Any suggestions as far as hostels / hotels are concerned? What about the 
ones listed on the FOSDEM'09 site?

>> About holding the community meeting on the 6th, we have been offered
>> room in OLPC-EU HQs, though that's a bit inconvenient because is not
>> in Brussels itself.
>> Guillaume is trying to get us a room in the ULB (same place where
>> FOSDEM will be), though that's not confirmed yet.
> I'm on the FOSDEM mailing list, would you like me to ask the organizers?
> I think me and my friends were planning to arrive just in time for the
> beer party, but we might decide to anticipate for the Sugar meeting.
> I'll talk to them in person once I arrive in Italy.
It would be great having all of you guys there for the pre-FOSDEM meetup 
since that will give us a day of working on OLPC / Sugar stuff without 
being distracted from the regular conference madness.

Really looking forward to seeing all of you again, I can't believe it's 
been 4 months already since FUDCon Brno...


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