[IAEP] [Sugar-devel] [ASLO] Release Physics-3

Gary C Martin gary at garycmartin.com
Sat Aug 29 21:43:03 EDT 2009

Hi Bill,

On 30 Aug 2009, at 01:30, Bill Kerr wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 1:35 AM, Gary C Martin  
> <gary at garycmartin.com> wrote:
>> Hi Bill,
>> On 29 Aug 2009, at 14:44, Bill Kerr wrote:
>> the default single click shape does not work for the box but does  
>> work for
>>> circle and triangle
>> Just to confirm, this is tested and working. But, I think what  
>> happened
>> here is that you may have dragged a very small (too small) box  
>> first, and
>> then subsequent single clicks were then trying to clone that non  
>> drawable
>> shape. I thought I'd avoided that case by not remembering  
>> parameters for
>> shapes too small to draw, will fix this in the next release – so  
>> thanks for
>> reporting it! :-)
> the square block does work if you click on it first
> but try clicking on the circle, the triangle and the square in that  
> order -
> the square does not create a shape by default (the others do)
> then exit physics and go back in
> click on the square, the triangle and circle in order - the circle  
> does not
> create a shape by default (the others do)
> and variations of the above - sometimes the default (click shape,  
> click
> screen, shape standard size shape created) works sometimes it doesn't
> eg. it might always work for the square but not at all for the  
> triangle or
> circle depending on the clicking order
> in some cases it leaves just an arrow on the screen and the program  
> crashes
> all of the above without me trying to create any smaller shapes

Hmmm, that's really interesting. I can't reproduce any of these cases  
here :-( Is anyone else able to reproduce these cases? I've tested on  
an XO-1 running 0.82, XO-1 running 0.84, and a Mac running F11 and  
sugar-jhbuild 0.85.x

Just to help my sanity, when you next reproduce this... With the tool  
that you find fails, can you click and drag to create a size of your  
own choosing, and then afterwards single click to create a clone? Just  
to be sure that your not managing to create a 'micro' shape as the  
default by accident (yes I need to fix that case).


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