[IAEP] Physics - Lesson plans ideas?

Asaf Paris Mandoki asafpm at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 05:01:08 EDT 2009

>> Science is the process of trying to put what we can investigate and
>> think about "what's out there" in as close a relation as possible with
>> what we can represent in symbols. In practise this is a kind of
>> coevolution.
> And I don't see why you don't do that with the Physics activity. For
> example, recently somebody posted a Physics screenshot that showed how
> to simulate an earthquake. Now do earthquakes really work like that? No,
> of course not, but it is a reasonable model that can lead to predictions
> and actual experiments.

Most of the Physics we know now has been done by:

-ideation of models (usually simplified)
-using the models to make predictions

I think that the Physics activity can help mainly in doing the
transition between the ideation of models and the making of
predictions. Usually this is done with complicated tools such as
differential equations. Instead of working with an equation that
represents a ball on a spring for example, we can work directly with
the ball on the spring.


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