[IAEP] Process for moving wiki pages -was status report june 4

David Farning dfarning at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 01:02:27 CEST 2008

Plan to move pages sugar related pages from w.l.o to w.s.o
version 0.2
         * SugarModule
         * SugarBaseModule
         * SugarDatastoreModule
         * SugarPresenceServiceModule
         * SugarToolkitModule
         * SugarArtworkModule

/before loop/
1. Create 'move request' template at w.l.o. 
2. Create 'moved to w.s.o' template at w.l.o.
2. Create 'imported from w.l.o' template at w.s.o.

1.  Go through the OLPC wiki page by page looking for material related
to developing the 6 modules listed above.  (working with around 5 pages
per batch)
2.  Add a 'request to move template' to original pages at w.l.o. 
3.  Export page/history/talk/... from w.l.o this will leave
original contents at olpc.
5.  Import pages into correct place on wiki.sl hierarchy. Add 'moved
from w.l.o' so editors at w.s.o can make appropriate changes.
6.  sleep several days
7.  restart loop
/end loop/

/for each loop/
1. After brief waiting period for comments on (1 week?) update links to
original olpc pages with an interwiki link to new location at Sugar
2.  Add full-page 'contents moved to sister site' template to original
page at w.l.o.  Similar to template for Help: pages.  

At this point, the pages which have been moved to w.s.o will be
templated 'moved from' , the original pages at w.l.o will be templated
'moved to' with soft redirect to w.s.o page.

pages at w.s.o will be flagged for editing to sugar viewpoint.
pages at w.l.o will be flageed for editing to OLPC viewpoint. to 

For example, for most of the pages in the above modules, the olpc page
should include a short description and a link to details; at worst a
number of specific subpages can be merged into a higher-level page, but
each module will likely still want a couple pages @ olpc.


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