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Sat Aug 30 19:52:57 EDT 2008

> Thursday 20 - Technical planning. Scott: I want to leave saying
> something like: "9.1 is going to have a new journal (implemented > by cscott), improved security (implemented by mstone).
> Secondary objectives, if we have time or find additional help, will
> be better networking (cscott), better tools (mstone)".

This sounds a bit absolute, given the low key nature of the week...
how will this series of presentations mesh with Greg's  iterative
efforts to set roadmap milestones and points?

That said, I would be happy to see time used for roadmap-coordination
discussions.   There are questions about how we will manage builds for
different audiences, and upstream/downstream issues generally...
perhaps we can focus more (wed and thu) on those, and how SL, OLPC and
specific XO communities can collaborate on [distinct] roadmaps.


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