[Dextrose] AC update.

David Farning dfarning at activitycentral.com
Tue Feb 1 16:22:36 EST 2011

Over the past couple of weeks we have talked about the big picture and
big ideas.  Talking about big ideas isn't all the useful unless we can
implement them. So back to our mantra of Feedback, Fix, Finished

Last week we experienced several instances of the cycle at work:
1.  Martin and Tch meet with Roberto to create a roadmap for
Dextrose2-PY as we near final release.  I was impressed by the
'prioritazation' of the requests. The list was a well balanced
combination of what ParaguayEduca 'needs' and what Activity Central
'can provide' -- given the constraints of time and developer
resources.  Nice work.  Extra points for the follow through at
Saturdays developers meeting and the mailing list.
2.  Pablo reached out to the Sugar Labs community by leading a
community meeting to discuss how Activity Central can help Sugar Labs.
 Working with Sugar Labs to set up a Central Authentication Service
appears to be a good start.
3. Rafael had an interesting first week as the New Zealand tester sent
in excellent feedback about dextrose activities.

As we move forward this week, let's think about follow through and
follow up.  So far, we have been hesitant to encouraging using bug
trackers.  It is _very_ easy to fall into the habit of thinking that
one a bug has been entered into a tracker it is 'someone else's'
problem.  As the team grows, the tracker might become a valuable tool.
 For now ad-hoc communication between users and developers and between
developers is working.

We did some reorganization as part of our growth.  We dropped our work
on Ubuntu Sugar Remix.  It apprears that we will be better off
consolidating around fedora and RedHat.  Dextrose on a stick, dextrose
on the classmate, and dextrose on ARM.  As a result Steven has shifted
to uptream Fedora development.

Because many of us come to Activity Central from a technical
background, we are don't have a good understanding of deployments
priorities.  As a result Dextrose project management needs to happen
onsite.  We have shifted Anish to Dextrose Project Manager.

Rafael has come on board as the Activities Team leader.  Initially,
Rafael will concentrate on fixing bug in existing activities.  He has
already made an impact with his work on translation.

DavidVA has started working on the school server.  David's task will
be to puppetize the school server setup and maintenance processes.  We
can build on the interesting work ParaguayEduca has already done with
puppet and Plan Ciebal has done with CFengine.

Looking forward to a report from Steven and Bernie about what they
learned at FudCon.

thanks for everything

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