[Sugar-devel] Requirements: Applying as mentor of Sugar Labs in Google Code-in'18

Chihurumnaya Ibiam ibiamchihurumnaya at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 09:39:37 EDT 2018

Hey Vaibhav Gupta,

Being a mentor for this years GCI requires that you're a contributor to
sugarlabs, take a look at the list below - by James Cameron -
Looking forward to your contributions. Thanks.

New to Sugar Labs?  Unlock these achievements in any order;

1.  Use Sugar or Sugarizer,


    * by using Sugar or Sugarizer you will learn how it works, and
      what can be improved.

    * mandatory,

2.  Read our Code of Conduct,


    * mandatory,

3.  Join the developer mailing list,


    * for asking questions and helping others,

    * don't use digest mode if you plan to post messages or replies,
      as it breaks threads, and please try to keep discussions public,

    * mandatory,

4.  Get a GitHub account,


    * for reporting issues, and fixing problems in source code,

    * recommended,

5.  Join the Sugar Labs GitHub organisation,


    * for regular source code contributors, and reviewers, by
      invitation, contact one of the existing members,

    * helpful for mail notification of GitHub activity,

    * optional,

6.  Join as a Member of Sugar Labs,


    * requires some contribution; code, documentation, translations,
      maintenance, running a Sugar deployment, or any other
      non-trivial activities which benefit Sugar Labs,

    * reviewed by committee,

    * optional,

7.  Get a wiki.sugarlabs.org account,


    * needed for maintaining Wiki content,

    * needed as part of moving Wiki content to GitHub,

    * for subscribing to edit notifications.

    * optional,

8.  Get an activities.sugarlabs.org account,


    * needed for releasing new versions of Sugar activities,

    * optional,

9.  Get a shell.sugarlabs.org account,


    * requires a justification,

    * may also provide @sugarlabs.org mail address,

    * for releasing new versions of Sugar components, test builds,
      large data sets, or public git hosting,

    * for limited experimentation with non-root network services, such
      as bots or IRC proxies,

    * optional,

10. Get a translate.sugarlabs.org account,


    * if you are bi- or multi-lingual, use your skills,

    * especially if you can test Sugar activities and components, as
      this will inform your translations,

    * optional,

11. Get a bugs.sugarlabs.org account,


    * only if you must maintain old bug reports,

    * new issues may be reported via GitHub,

    * optional,

12. Join Sugar on Fedora live system mailing list,


    * download, test, report bugs, fix bugs, package,

    * share your experience with others who focus on this

    * optional,

13. Join Sugar on Debian mailing lists,


    * download, test, report bugs, fix bugs, package,

    * share your experience with others who focus on this distribution,

    * optional,

14. Join the Internet Relay Chat channel #sugar


    * for synchronous chat with others,

    * requires registration with freenode.net,

    * optional,

15. Join the Internet Relay Chat channel #sugar-meeting


    * for meetings, but keep your own transcripts and minutes,

    * requires registration with freenode.net,

    * optional,

16. Maintain an Activity


    * many learner focused activities (apps) need simple maintenance,

    * adopt an activity you like as your focus.

Hope that helps!


Ibiam Chihurumnaya
ibiamchihurumnaya at gmail.com

On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 2:08 PM VAIBHAV GUPTA <guptavaibhav18197 at gmail.com>

> Hello everyone,
> I am Vaibhav, a computer science undergraduate researcher from IIIT
> Hyderabad. This past summer, I was software developer intern at Google
> Summer of Code where my task was to built a complete tool, including an
> administrative interface for manual annotation of datasets for Red Hen Lab.
> I also have an intern project in The Linux Foundation (OPNFV) revolving
> around research into http-profiling and defining performance metrics for
> benchmarking of OpenStack’s Swift Object Storage.
> I have been working and contributing to various open source projects. I
> have acquired fair amount of open source experience working with
> organizations like Red Hen Lab, ZENODO (CERN), OPNFV (The Linux Foundation)
> and AIMA Code.
> I am an open source enthusiast and would love to mentor students new to
> opensource. It would be highly appreciated if I could get a chance to guide
> the students being a mentor in Sugar Labs for Google Code-in’18.
> Since I am new to Sugar Labs it would be great if you could tell me if new
> comers can apply to be mentor in GCI and if so what are the requirements.
> Thanks
> Vaibhav
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