[Sugar-devel] sugar-toolkit-gtk3 [port-in-progress]

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Jul 20 05:24:20 EDT 2018

thanks.  looks easy.  things you must fix;

1.  `./autogen.sh: 11: ./autogen.sh: intltoolize: not found`

intltool is called by the autogen.sh script, which you should have

intltoolize is not installed, you should have installed it, it is
provided by intltool package,

if installing intltool solves the error "intltoolize: not found",
please make a pull request for development-environment.md to add it,

intltool package is very commonly installed by developers, so it is an
easy one for us to neglect in the instructions.

intltool is not required when working on tarball releases, which is
why it is not included by debian as a build dependency of the source

2.  `checking for python version... 2.7`

this is particularly surprising; please check you are using branch
python3-port of repository
https://github.com/Pro-Panda/sugar-toolkit-gtk3 which has
PYTHON=python3 in configure.ac file, see

check your configure.ac file and if it does not have PYTHON=python3
then you probably have the wrong branch or have introduced a
regression into your own branch.

3.  `No package 'alsa' found`

you have not yet installed alsa development package.  these
dependencies are fully defined in the debian source package
dependencies, so there's a good chance you have not followed the
instructions here;
specifically the "apt build-dep" step for sugar-toolkit-gtk3.

4.  `No package 'librsvg-2.0' found`

you have not yet installed librsvg development package.  same cause as

next time include your installed package list in gist, "sudo
dpkg-query -W", it would have saved me many minutes in checking.


you may be interested in an alternate method to deduce and verify
source package build dependencies using web browser;

a.  python-sugar3 is a "binary" package generated from this source,
click on the bionic link,

b.  python-sugar3 has a list of run-time dependencies,
cick on the [Source: sugar-toolkit-gtk3] link,

c.  sugar-toolkit-gtk3 has a list of build-time dependencies,
which includes specific rsvg and alsa packages.  these would have been
automatically installed by the "apt build-dep" step.

On Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 02:14:26PM +0530, Anmol Mishra wrote:
> Hello,
> These are the logs while installing fork for sugar-toolkit-gtk3. If anyone can
> help, I'll be obliged. This is the link to log when I install toolkit from
> Pro-panda fork, My system already has the packages, for example alsa has been
> installed and then in the step when we run shell script, there missing package
> still persists, I already have installed the sugar-artwork and sugar-datastore
> without any inconvenience. 
> Logs available here: [1]https://gist.github.com/octamois/
> 306a02ae7dfd5a75e68034fbc289ad44
> References:
> [1] https://gist.github.com/octamois/306a02ae7dfd5a75e68034fbc289ad44

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James Cameron

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