[Sugar-devel] Sugar on Fedora looking forward

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 04:35:47 EDT 2018

Hello All,

This is intended to ask questions and seek feedback.

I've not really had time to deal with Sugar for some time, but it also
doesn't tend to take up a lot of time so it's not been a major
problem, we glue it together when it breaks etc.

Kalpa has done a good job keeping most of the Activities up to date.

But there's a number of things that are getting to the point where
they'll need action or they'll break so I'd like to gather details
from the Sugar community what their plans are here to see if it's
worthwhile continuing the Fedora support of Sugar.

1) gstreamer 1.0 support in Activies. The 0.10 series is well and
truly dead and unmaintained, but there's a couple of key Activities
that still depend on it. Clock and Record are the two big ones here.
Are there any plans to move them to gst1?

2) GTK2 sugar-toolkit, again a number of Activities still haven't
moved to gtk3, any plans?

3) eToys, we've not shipped this by default for some time, I plan on
retiring it and any of it's dependencies in Fedora 29. Good riddance

4) This is the big one... python2. With python2 being EOL real soon
now is there any interest in moving to py3, I know there was some work
years ago to do some readiness here with the move to gtk3 but I don't
remember the details. Fedora is actively moving to python3 and has
been for some years, I think for at least 6 releases it's been
possible to run without py2 installed at all. Is this the nail in the
coffin for Sugar?

Also with my note above about time and the points in between are there
still people interested in Sugar on Fedora? Anyone interested enough
to assist?


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