[Sugar-devel] Making contributions

Nguyen, Lam nguyenla at dickinson.edu
Sun Oct 30 20:48:28 EDT 2016

Hi Sugar developers,

We are a team which consists of Marshall, Angel, Sasha, and Lam (myself) from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, US. We have the development environment up and running on our machines, and we look forward to contributing to the Sugar project. Currently, we want to get started by finding ways to contribute that do not involve coding (yet). We came up with these 3 ideas that we believe will facilitate the installation process, and we hope you could give us feedback on which idea would be most beneficial for the project.

1) Translate the articles on the developers page at https://developer.sugarlabs.org to different languages (we can do 3-4 languages, including Hindi, Nepali, Russian, Vietnamese and possibly Spanish)

2) Make updates to the instructions on the page "Setup a development environment" (at https://developer.sugarlabs.org/dev-environment.md.html). We can include tips and fixes for some issues that we have encountered and overcome.

3) Make a screencast tutorial that walks through the Sugar Labs installation process, from getting Virtual Box to installing Sugar OS. We can make the tutorial useful for both users and developers.

Which idea(s) do you think we should work on? We really appreciate your input. Thank you, and have a great day.



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