[Sugar-devel] Current status of GTK+ 3.x migration

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Sat Dec 26 10:41:09 EST 2015

Hi, Jonas

I guess you see how far out from the developer community I am. I 
associate sucrose with Activity Central. I am not sure what a sucrose 
developer is.
The involved developers have been doing well. However, for many of the 
activities in ASLO, the original contributors have moved on, a natural 
situation in
open source.

There is no attempt to point fingers, the decision is there. If Sugar is 
to move to the mobile device, it appears necessary to work in a 
Javascript not Python environment. So an activity developer/maintainer 
needs to decide whether his investment in time in GTK is warranted or 
should be spent it in rewriting the activity as a Sugar-web-activity.


On 12/26/2015 04:58 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Tony Anderson (2015-12-26 19:53:47)
> [Jonas wrote:]
>>> True - either that or ditch the activities evidently too badly
>>> maintained to work well with modern Sugar.
>> Aye, There's the rub!
>> Is the problem 'bad maintenance or none at all' or 'modern' Sugar.
>> Certainly TuxMath is suffering from 'abandonment'. However, even
>> abandoned code continues to run when the underlying support is there.
>> In this case, programmers who were not involved in the development or
>> maintenance of the code will have to figure out how to get it running
>> again or rewrite it in Javascript.
> Wrong: In this case all developers were involved at their various levels
> of the chains of events but some of them were inactive: GTK+ developers
> chose to improve their code beyond what a previous API could contain and
> sensibly bumped API and kept alive the previous API for ages.  Sucrose
> developers chose to build their code on top of GTK+ and sensibly handled
> the API split of GTK+ including maintenance of a legacy interface for
> ages.  Activity developers chose to build their code on top of Sucrose
> and some of them sensibly migrated to new interfaces, but sadly some
> activity developers did not react yet - and *that* is not sensible.
>> The port of activities to GTK+ 3.x seems to have stalled because of
>> the higher priority to re-implement activities such as TurtleBlocks in
>> javascript. Consider the long-term job security in rewriting Sim City
>> in javascript as a Sugar-web-activity.
> Are you pointing fingers at other volunteers choosing to spend their
> time in a way you disaprove of, or have you provided patches to migrate
> some activities but have been turned down?
>> In the case of gstreamer 0.1, I was able to find how to install the
>> codecs:
> [...]
>> I am certainly sure that everyone is bored to tears on this subject
>> since I have mentioned it so many times already.
> Did you "mention" it through the appropriate issue tracker?
>   - Jonas
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