[Sugar-devel] moving datastore projects via usb sticks?

Erik Blankinship erikb at mediamods.com
Fri Dec 31 09:28:53 EST 2010

> > Later in the game, a child can use an object chooser to select one of
> these
> > game states.
> I get the impression that you're trying to "port" an existing application
> (game) to Sugar by looking for APIs that match those you use on other
> platforms. This is NOT going to result in a good user experience.
> I highly recommend you spend some time _using_ Sugar (as a user, not a
> developer) and getting accustomed to the usual work flows first.

Is restoring a saved game with an object chooser a bad user experience in
What would be a more intuitive experience for someone who have spent more
time using Sugar?

> Yes, you should treat it as a "random gibberish" (i.e. opaque) string.
> Everything else should be derived from the metadata (or the file
> contents, as appropriate).
I was confused because the opaque file_type string from the datastore is
modified by its mime_type when loaded from the journal, and not when loading
from a usb stick.

> > Is there a suggested method or best practice for making and then opening
> > datastore entries with lots of parts (hence, a tar file) which might
> migrate
> > via usb sticks?
> There are quite a few other activities (e.g. TurtleArt) doing this. You

Thank you for your suggestion to look at TurtleArt where on line 224 there
is code to

""" Load a ta project from the datastore """

which then checks the datastore entry's extension:

What are the developers of Turtle Art doing here which led them to check the
file extension (tar, gtar) on a datastore entry instead of checking the
datastore entry's mime_type?
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