[Sugar-devel] Stepping up as maintainers for Glucose

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-reply-to-2010-4 at silbe.org
Thu Dec 30 14:56:56 EST 2010


Simon and I are willing / would like to step up as maintainers for all
Glucose modules. That would mean each of us can Ack a patch. Patches we
authored ourselves will need to be Ack'ed by the other maintainer
so all changes go through review (as the purpose is continuous
improvement of our abilities and being aware of others' efforts).

For Glucose modules that still have an active maintainer (i.e.
sugar-artwork and sugar-datastore), those maintainers (read:
Benjamin and Aleksey) would have "Ack rights" as well, of course.

Like the Code Review wiki page already says, we warmly welcome reviews
from everyone. In fact a good way to get a patch Ack'ed fast is by getting
others to review your code and (if appropriate) addressing their concerns
by posting a new version of your patch.

We will handle small fix-ups (e.g. better descriptions) ourselves, but
the better a patch is before we handle it, the sooner it will get


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