[Sugar-devel] Colors! Activity status

chm devel.chm.01 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 26 20:48:19 EST 2010

Looking forward to it.  I tried running make
in the git directory but had some missing
compiler components and yum died after some
bad checksums from one of the olpc f11 repositories
and I don't know enough to know if it is a
temporary network problem or other.

While you are preparing another release, maybe
you could document how to build a release .xo
package so that as I start working with you on
the code, I can generate .xo versions to test?

Some things I noticed with my nieces using
the v15 Colors! Activity:

(1) Sharing the activity was problematic
     because each participant would change
     the pen/brush color on their XO and
     the entire current stroke of the other
     participant would change to that color.

(2) Shared Colors! Activity views did not
     look the same for both participants.

(3) Definitely missing the Erase functionality.
     To paraphrase a drawing teacher of mine, you
     can't fix problem X in a drawing by adding
     more... it just makes things worse...

(4) The new resume by default with Sugar 0.88
     on 10.1.3 is problematic because it is
     difficult to keep and find (or whatever)
     a previous drawing.

(5) I had a problem with a painting being too
     big and I think it got Colors! killed by
     the OOM beast.

(6) It would be cool if saved state from
     Colors! were the .drw output (maybe
     augmented with an image snapshot of
     the painting (with thumbnail?).

In all my nieces and other kids using Colors!
v15 on XO-1's enjoyed it greatly.  The tablet
is very good and I think if we can make the
buttons and sliders fully functional so the
keyboard and mouse aren't needed, that will be

I'll be setting my our XO's with some swap
memory to see how that affects performance
and possible out of memory problems.


On 12/26/2010 11:22 AM, Wade Brainerd wrote:
> Looks like I tagged v16 in Git last January, but somehow it never made
> it to ASLO.  I'll take care of that now!!
> On Sat, Dec 25, 2010 at 9:54 AM, chm<devel.chm.01 at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> I just tried Colors-13.xo (from the OLPC
>> site) but it failed to load because it
>> could not find python2.5 libraries.  I'm
>> not surprised at that, just hoping....
>> Merry Christmas,
>> Chris
>> On 12/25/2010 9:21 AM, chm wrote:
>>> On 12/23/2010 6:41 PM, Wade Brainerd wrote:
>>>> Yikes, can you tell me what isn't there?
>>>   >  ...
>>>   >  Just to check, does your version have a Help button in the toolbar?
>>>   >  That would indicate that it's the most recent one that I made.
>>> I just checked and the Colors-15 I have has neither
>>> the Help button or the Eraser (in addition to the
>>> missing videopaint---which was never working before
>>> either).
>>> I'll try to fetch the activity again in case there
>>> was some mixup. Is there a way to check out the
>>> latest release from git?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Chris

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