[Sugar-devel] prevent screen rotation in a sugar activity?

Bakhtiar Mikhak mikhak at mediamods.com
Mon Dec 20 00:56:44 EST 2010

Paul, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. A couple of points:

The specific practical considerations on the XO to which I was referring has to do with the documented bug with xvimagesink and UI rotations. Even with the rest of the UI designed to handle rotations gracefully, this bug is a show stopper for us. However, the ability to disable UI rotations would allow us to offer a nice experience on the XO.

While the scenario you outline sounds somewhat cumbersome, its impact should be weighed against the freedom afforded to developers who may wish to design activities that are optimal with one orientation. It is not only the small form factor devices like iPhones and Android based phones that have taken advantage of the freedom to design apps that don't support a rotated view; one can in fact find numerous applications for iPads (and the recently announced Android and BlackBerry tablets) that only support a single UI orientation. 

In any event, the larger discussion of freedoms platforms afford their developers, while interesting and important, is really beside the concern that led to out post. Thank you again for taking the time to consider and engage with our questions.


On Dec 13, 2010, at 1:25 PM, Paul Fox wrote:

>> ...there are however practical considerations on XOs that lead us to 
>> want to disable UI rotation. ...
> i guess i don't understand how this would work in practical terms.
> i'm using my XO, and, at the home screen, i push the rotate button,
> and start playing with it in portrait mode.  i bring up Read, and
> enjoy an ebook for a while.  i then bring up a cool game a friend showed
> me recently, and all of a sudden i have to change how i'm holding the
> laptop.  the game's not functioning the way i recall it from last
> week, so i go to the journal -- and have to rotate the laptop again --
> to find the older instance.  i click on it, and annoyingly, i have to yet
> again change my hold on the laptop.
> perhaps this is smooth/seamless on an iphone or android, but i'm having
> trouble picturing it on an XO.
> paul
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