[Sugar-devel] prevent screen rotation in a sugar activity?

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Mon Dec 13 13:25:09 EST 2010

 > ...there are however practical considerations on XOs that lead us to 
 > want to disable UI rotation. ...

i guess i don't understand how this would work in practical terms.

i'm using my XO, and, at the home screen, i push the rotate button,
and start playing with it in portrait mode.  i bring up Read, and
enjoy an ebook for a while.  i then bring up a cool game a friend showed
me recently, and all of a sudden i have to change how i'm holding the
laptop.  the game's not functioning the way i recall it from last
week, so i go to the journal -- and have to rotate the laptop again --
to find the older instance.  i click on it, and annoyingly, i have to yet
again change my hold on the laptop.

perhaps this is smooth/seamless on an iphone or android, but i'm having
trouble picturing it on an XO.

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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