[sugar] Joseph Weizenbaum ELIZA

linaccess at yokoy.de linaccess
Tue Jan 8 17:31:43 EST 2008


congratulation to Joseph Weizenbaum, today it his 85th birthday.

I think ELIZA - the computer therapist - is a fine tool to show kids that computers are not friends. Well, maybe Mr. Weizenbaum don't agree, I do not know.

I added espeak support to the python script, split it into some more modules to simplify internationaization and updated it to support python2.5. It is still a console tool. You could download it here:


after unpacking the tar in its own folder type

I do not manage to run espeak on the XO, now. Due to that, the python script do not work on the XO. So, there is work to be done, not only on the script. I tested the script on ubuntu gutsy, it is doing the job.

Have fun.



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