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Edward Cherlin echerlin
Thu Jun 21 18:27:13 EDT 2007

I have offered the I-APL math language on the devel list as a Sugar
activity. It uses a form of math notation, and is thus not
language-specific, and resides in less than 32K. I control the
licensing on the software, and on a series of math textbooks written
in the language, from arithmetic to calculus. I would be happy to GPL
the language and GDL the textbooks, if I can get some help with
turning the software into a Sugar activity and a few other things.

I also have a copy of an unpublished textbook for teachers on using
the software to teach programming, starting in third grade. I would be
happy to talk to the author about a GDL or Creative Commons license.

What I would really like is the j engine (http://jsoftware.com/), but
Ken Iverson's son Eric won't so far discuss GPLing it. There are only
commercial and freeware versions. J already has the whole math and
graphics thing done up with a bow.

On 6/21/07, Rebecca Gettys <rebecca.gettys at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hey,
> Me and Eben have been discussing HTML and CSS as an option for it, with
> a mathmatics engine of course. Modifinnying zcalulator draw and Nvu
> could be what we want, adn the kids could has a WYSISWYG editor for
> HTMl, adn a way fo doing worksheets.
> ~Rebecca
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