[Systems] Email classified as spam went sent over @sugarlabs.org alias

Bernie Innocenti bernie at sugarlabs.org
Sun Jun 28 10:02:35 EDT 2020

On 28/06/2020 22.14, Srevin Saju wrote:
> Thanks for the reply
>> I went to postmaster.google.com, and the sugarlabs.org domain has a 
>> tiny trickle of spam reported against it on May 28 and April 1, but 
>> otherwise the reputation is 100% good for the past 120 days, and most 
>> (but not all) email should be signed with DMARC.
> Ok, I might not have signed my email with DMARC; and I do not know how 
> to align sugarlabs' DKIM signature on an alias. I was able to succeed 
> on my personal domain, but not on sugarlabs.org. If you have any small 
> guide, or any previous extract from the sugarlabs mailing list, it 
> would do me great help. (I searched over the archives, did not find 
> anything useful)
Well, the whole point of DKIM is that nobody can sign an email as 
originating from sugarlabs.org /unless/ they have the private key ;-)

With a shell account, you could submit mail to sunjammer via 
authenticated SMTP on port 465 (submissions). Then, sunjammer would sign 
it and deliver it to its next relay.

New accounts on sunjammer are discouraged because users with too little 
shell experience cost the admins a lot of support. It's also no longer 
needed by the current development workflow, which is based on Git Hub.

If you have a valid use-case, just find a sponsor and send us a request. 
The sysadmins are all busy with work and life, and the self-hosted 
infrastructure is on long-term maintenance mode... so don't expect fast 
turnaround :-)

>> For the red padlock:  indeed, it seems we're not using SMTPS when 
>> connecting to gmail.com. This shouldn't affect the spam score, but 
>> it's not good for privacy. Maybe aleph@ can help us debug this.
> Thanks. Please let me know if I can do anything.
I fixed it. This email should have no red padlock (there is no green 

Our Postfix config was missing the "new" option smtp_tls_security_level. 
I set it to "may", which is the simplest level of opportunistic encryption:


Setting it to "dane" would increase MitM resilience while also being 
interoperable with legacy non-TLS domains. I'm not opposed to trying it 
out if someone wants to own debugging it.

>> Could you please forward the entire email to me, including all 
>> headers and body? Do you know for sure that serverquark at gmail.com is 
>> a legit sender and the email is not spam sent to your sugarlabs.org 
>> email alias?
> serverquark at gmail.com is an email address owned by me. I use it to do 
> some random testing. I did not want to disclose any other email 
> addresses in the conversation, (due to privacy problems). so i had 
> used my personally created email addresses. I shall forward the entire 
> email to your personal email.
> The email is not spam, I did a test email to see if it shows the 
> padlock. The image I sent in the first email, was an email sent to 
> sugarlabs-devel@; you can see it here
> http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/sugar-devel/2020-June/058454.html
> Seems like none of the members whom I CC'ed got the email in the 
> Inbox. They found it in the spam for some reason. I hope its not 
> because I do not use smtp.sugarlabs.org; I use smtp.gmail.com
> Thanks again.
>> On 24/06/2020 21.32, Srevin Saju wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> (PS: I had previously sent an email which was likely classified as 
>>> spam; so this email has more information)
>>> I had been facing (encryption) problems with @sugarlabs.org alias. 
>>> Recently, the Sugar Mailing list classified my email as spam, and 
>>> the email was not  delivered to the respective members, possibly 
>>> because Gmail classified it as spam email.
>>> https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/xRfwCf8y/Capture.PNG
>>> This is how it looked. My email alias is srevinsaju at sugarlabs.org 
>>> connected to smtp.gmail.com.
>>> Also, this is another problem:
>>> the emails I receive has this message along with it "sugarlabs.org 
>>> did not encrypt this message"
>>> I had not known that my emails were classified as spam, because I 
>>> particularly use the Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client, these images 
>>> were forwarded by other users who did not receive my email and found 
>>> it later in the spam
>>> I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. Please let me know , if 
>>> I messed up some step in setting up an alias. My other personal 
>>> email (mail at srevinsaju.me, srevin03 at gmail.com) do not have these 
>>> problems on both sides.
>>> Sorry for taking your time
>>> Thank you
>>> -- 
>>> V/r
>>> Srevin Saju
>> -- 
>> _ // Bernie Innocenti
>> \X/https://codewiz.org/
> -- 
> V/r
> Srevin Saju

Bernie Innocenti
Sugar Labs Infrastructure Team

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