[Systems] Hosting Sugarizer Primero on Sunjammer

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Oct 24 04:10:58 EDT 2018

G'day Iqra,

Sorry for the delay, looks like everyone else was busy.

Perhaps you can host this in your public_html directory on sunjammer
and then later add a CNAME alias and Apache virtual host for it.

However, you don't yet have a shell account on sunjammer.

https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Service/shell has section requesting a shell
account; please send a public SSH key.  To sysadmin at sugarlabs.org, and
CC systems at lists.sugarlabs.org

For interest, Sugarizer isn't hosted on sunjammer; Lionel hosts that.

On Tue, Oct 09, 2018 at 07:03:31PM +0500, IQRA MUHAMMAD wrote:
> Hi!
> I was a Google Summer of Code 2018 Intern at Sugar Labs this summer. I worked
> on the web-based Sugarizer Primero GSoC Project. Is there a possibility that I
> can have the web-based sugarizer primero hosted on sunjammer? Following are the
> details I am including with my request for hosting Primero on sunjammer:
> What the benefit of this to Sugar Labs:
> Sugarizer Primero is a modified version of Sugarizer. Our new, modified
> application, Primero1°, is
> a smaller, more child-friendly version of Sugar designed to be usable without
> any particular
> language skills and across all languages. The benefit of hosting this on
> sunjammer to sugarlabs will be that we can target those children who are in the
> age of 4-7. So more users accessing a Sugar labs project, will be beneficial
> for Sugar labs.
> who will maintain the service? :
> I, Iqra Muhammad (GSoC Intern) will take the sole responsibility to maintain
> this service.
> list dependencies the service needs:
> None that i can think of
> * what release process is intended (e.g. for when changes are made, how they
> are released into production),
> The release for sugarizer will be made when major changes are made in Sugarizer
> Primero.

James Cameron

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