[Systems] Hosting Sugarizer Primero on Sunjammer

IQRA MUHAMMAD iqra.muhammad15 at ce.ceme.edu.pk
Tue Oct 9 10:03:31 EDT 2018


I was a Google Summer of Code 2018 Intern at Sugar Labs this summer. I
worked on the web-based Sugarizer Primero GSoC Project. Is there a
possibility that I can have the web-based sugarizer primero hosted on
sunjammer? Following are the details I am including with my request for
hosting Primero on sunjammer:

What the benefit of this to Sugar Labs:

Sugarizer Primero is a modified version of Sugarizer. Our new, modified
application, Primero1°, is
a smaller, more child-friendly version of Sugar designed to be usable
without any particular
language skills and across all languages. The benefit of hosting this on
sunjammer to sugarlabs will be that we can target those children who are in
the age of 4-7. So more users accessing a Sugar labs project, will be
beneficial for Sugar labs.

who will maintain the service? :
I, Iqra Muhammad (GSoC Intern) will take the sole responsibility to
maintain this service.

list dependencies the service needs:
None that i can think of

* what release process is intended (e.g. for when changes are made, how
they are released into production),
The release for sugarizer will be made when major changes are made in
Sugarizer Primero.
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