[Systems] Fixed: The user has not setup an home page

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Tue Nov 6 22:21:34 EST 2018

On 11/7/18 10:20 AM, James Cameron wrote:
> Small typo in sunjammer:/etc/skel/public_html has been fixed, and
> copied to affected users public_html/
> ajay aleph anurag aperez arun aurora ayush bashintosh benzea caroline
> christophd cjb cjl crodas dcastelo dcrossland dsd dvd earias erikg
> fran godiard ishan jminor kaametza kandarpk leio mako manusheel marco
> martasd martin mokurai mostro mstone mtd mukul mvn naufraghi neeraj
> nubae peaceojemeh pflores piro rasky rralcala rsl sergiodj shanjit sj
> socialhelp tal tuukka werner woody wwdillingham
> Know any of these users are inactive?  Perhaps we should remove them.
> There are 119 user home directories on sunjammer.

There's an old cronjob to find users with expired ldap passwords and
notify them by email: /etc/cron.weekly/check_pwd_expire

I ran a modified version that doesn't send email to generate this list:

Note: user alsroot password has expired since 668 days
Warning: user asharma has no LDAP entry
Note: user bashintosh password has expired since 1197 days
Warning: user dcrossland has no LDAP entry
Note: user francis password has expired since 821 days
Note: user francocorrea password has expired since 912 days
Note: user mako password has expired since 898 days
Note: user martasd password has expired since 954 days
Note: user mstone password has expired since 1107 days
Note: user quidam password has expired since 1068 days
Note: user rolf password has expired since 991 days
Note: user rralcala password has expired since 820 days
Note: user sam password has expired since 429 days
Warning: user tgilliard has no LDAP entry

There's also system-userdel, a convenient script which removes users
from ldap and other places and moves their home to /home/_disabled

Feel free to to do delete all these users, except sam and rralcala who
are still active. User tgilliard is actually Tgilliard in ldap... weird :-)

Providing shell accounts to developers was still fashionable 10 years
ago, but with things like GitLab which support the entire development ->
release -> web deployment cycle, I no longer see the reason in most
cases. Developer accounts have become a huge security concern due to the
various CPU exploits, so I would avoid giving out more shell accounts to
people who are not supposed to be root anyway.

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