[Systems] Fixed: The user has not setup an home page

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Nov 6 20:20:45 EST 2018

Small typo in sunjammer:/etc/skel/public_html has been fixed, and
copied to affected users public_html/

ajay aleph anurag aperez arun aurora ayush bashintosh benzea caroline
christophd cjb cjl crodas dcastelo dcrossland dsd dvd earias erikg
fran godiard ishan jminor kaametza kandarpk leio mako manusheel marco
martasd martin mokurai mostro mstone mtd mukul mvn naufraghi neeraj
nubae peaceojemeh pflores piro rasky rralcala rsl sergiodj shanjit sj
socialhelp tal tuukka werner woody wwdillingham

Know any of these users are inactive?  Perhaps we should remove them.

There are 119 user home directories on sunjammer.

James Cameron

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