[Systems] Fwd: Request For Sunjammer Account

Alex Perez aperez at alexperez.com
Thu May 24 13:28:24 EDT 2018


I'm also now mid-way through a very large move. Moving forward, 
process-wise, I think we should probably start using some sort of 
ticketing system, however crude, for requests such as these, that way 
they can be "claimed" by whomever, and their state can be easily 
determined by the team. It also allows for an audit trail.


I have created a user for you on sunjammer. Your username is 'asharma'. 
If you have one, please send me your SSH public key. I will send your 
temporary password separately, via a secure link.

Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> c'd) kindly stepped up to take care of the SL
> infrastructure from now on, but please keep addressing requests to the
> administrative contacts (accounts@, sysadmin@, ...) so we're all kept in
> the loop.
> Samuel and I are still lurking on this mailing list and doing occasional
> maintenance on servers; just don't expect us be on call for anything
> important or urgent. Sorry!

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