[Systems] Group registration for Sugar Labs

fuchs at freenode.net fuchs at freenode.net
Mon Aug 20 13:26:15 EDT 2018

Hello Bernie, Walter and other people at sugar labs. 

thank you very much for your e-mail and the chat on IRC plus verification. 
We are sorry to hear that you were hit by spam, and are glad that we were now 
able to register you as a proper project, so you can assign ops as you need. 

We now registered you as a group, 


with the additional namespace of 


You can claim channels in these namespaces, being 
#sugar-* and #sugarlabs-*

If the channels are not registered yet, you can register them by yourself. 

As for cloaks: you can request briar cloaks.  They have the 

projectname/optional/mandatory,   thus e.g.  sugar/participant/john 
or  sugar/jane, sugarlabs/participant/andrea or sugarlabs/alex

Note that only valid DNS characters are allowed (e.g. no underscores) for 
technical reasons and recipients need a registered account.  You can request 
them from any active staff. 

I added the following group contacts for now:

walterbender, bernie_ ignacio Quozl. 

I have not yet added MrBIOS as per the discussions on IRC, as to me it looks 
that this is not the person you are looking for. 
If you would like to add him (or anyone else) later,  please tell us their 
nickname accounts via e-mail
 (that's one of the few things that require an e-mail)

Adding ops or the likes to your channels you can now do yourself, see 

/msg chanserv help flags

if not familiar with it.

I gave you the discussed flags in #sugar and #sugar-meeting already, but you 
can now modify, add and remove entries yourself.

Of course you can always drop by in #freenode or contact staff directly for 

Kind regards,

Christian (Fuchs on freenode)

Am Montag, 20. August 2018, 19:00:12 CEST schrieb Bernie Innocenti:
> Your project name: Sugar Labs
> Your project blurb:
> Sugar Labs is creator of the Sugar Learning Platform, which promotes
> collaborative learning through Sugar Activities.
> Links to places we can find out more about your project:
> Official website: https://www.sugarlabs.org/
> Project wiki: https://wiki.sugarlabs.org
> Project governance: https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Oversight_Board
> The oversight board page lists both me (Bernie Innocenti) and
> walterbender (Walter Bender) as long-time board members. I'm no longer
> on the board, but I'm still listed as coordinator of the sysadmin team:
> https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Infrastructure_Team/Contacts
> Additional proof:
> - check the page history to verify that that we didn't recently edit the
> wiki
> - I'm currently logged into Freenode from shell.sugarlabs.org, our main
> server
> - We have @sugarlabs.org emails (feel free to verify by replying)
> - If you need additional evidence of project control, I could add a
> nameserver entry or serve a file on www.sugarlabs.org
> # About you and your staff
> Your NickServ account (primary group contact): walterbender
> Your relationship to the project: Founder
> NickServ accounts of alternate group contacts: bernie_ ignacio Quozl
>  # About freenode
> Channels you'd like to claim (typically #projectname): #sugar
> Channel namespaces you'd like to claim (typically #projectname-*): #sugar-*
> Cloak namespaces you'd like to claim (typically projectname/*): sugarlabs/*

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