[Systems] Sugar Labs Oversight Board Election Candidates 2017-2019 - Stage III Closed

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Sep 18 17:04:56 EDT 2017

Two items.

1.  members@ alias

It is wrong to leave unchanged the sunjammer:/etc/aliases members@
entry, thus listing only the old committee.

Please update the alias to list the new committee.

$ ssh sunjammer grep members /etc/aliases
elections:      members
members:        samsongoddy, laura at somosazucar.org, ignacio

2.  candidates' submissions

Adam Holt's submission was truncated, without public consultation with
Adam and without asking Adam to edit.

This misrepresents Adam.  This disadvantages Adam.  This is unfair.

I ask the Membership and Elections Committee to decide jointly what
action to take.  A joint decision is where all members of a committee
indicate their agreement.  Silence is not agreement.

In my opinion, Adam should be given permission to edit his submission
even though the deadline has past.  Or, the committee may decide to
allow Adam to exceed the limit.

The committee should read the discussion page, where Walter determines
how the limit began.


On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 09:20:09AM -0500, Laura Vargas wrote:
> ******************************************************************************************************
> Good Day Committee, Dave and Systems:
> According to the election calendar, we have successfully finish Election
> 2017-2019 Stage III and therefore the following communication is being prepared
> to the community. Please read it and approve/disapprove/suggest upgrades or
> additions.
> Thank you all and regards, Laura Victoria
> ******************************************************************************************************
> Dear Sugar Labs Community,
> Membership and Elections Committee is happy to report we have 8 candidates for
> the 4 seats available for the 2017-2019 Sugar Labs Oversight Board Election.
> Candidates who completed successfully their wiki submissions on time are:
> 1. Devin Ulibarri
> 2. Walter Bender
> 3. Sebastian Silva
> 4. Lionel Laské
> 5. Sameer Verma
> 6. Sean Daly
> 7. Adam Holt
> 8. Claudia Urrea

> You can read candidates statements at: [1]https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/
> Oversight_Board/2017-2019-candidates
> Thank you all candidates for publishing your candidacies.
> Stage IV: Elections will take place on October 1-15, 2017.
> We thank in advance to [2]Ignacio Rodríguez who [3]will be in charge of all the
> technical procedures with the assistance of Sugar Labs infrastructure team:
> systems AT [4]list.sugarlabs.org
> Remember [5]September 27, 2017 is the deadline for new memberships request to
> participate on 2017-2019 elections!
> Sincerely yours,
> Sugar Labs Membership and Elections Committee
> References:

James Cameron

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