[Systems] Sites hosted in sunjammer

Samuel Cantero scanterog at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 18:41:46 EST 2016

Hi all,

I was checking the sites currently hosted in sunjammer. I would like to
check with you what are we going to do with the following broken sites:

   - buildbot.sugarlabs.org
   - cl.sugarlabs.org
   - logcollect.sugarlabs.org
   - webcal.sugarlabs.org

I have removed also the following sites from sunjammer:

   - aslo-bot-master.sugarlabs.org. Moved to freedom (DNS). But site is not
   working also. Are we using it?
   - developer.sugarlabs.org. Moved to freedom.

Do we want to keep these sites?

   - id.sugarlabs.org
   - id.codewiz.org
   - dc.sugarlabs.org
   - mirrors.sugarlabs.org
   - planet-devel.sugarlabs.org. Last update in 2011.
   - planet.py.sugarlabs.org. Last update in 2012. Paraguay Educa has its
   own page.
   - repo.roscidus.com. I don't know what is this.
   - stats.sugarlabs.org

I have also issued Let's Encrypt certificate for lists.sugarlabs.org,
ldap.sl.o and download.sl.o.

Best regards,

Samuel C.
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