[Systems] [Sugar-devel] problem uploading to a.sl.o

Aleksey Lim me at alsroot.su
Fri Nov 18 17:33:36 EST 2016

On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 06:49:54PM -0300, Samuel Cantero wrote:
> +Aleksey +Bernie
> There's something I don't understand about activities. In
> /srv/www-sugarlabs/activities/site/app/config/config.php we define:
> define('FILES_HOST', 'http://download.sugarlabs.org/activities');
> where FILE_HOST + FILES_URL (downloads/file) is the complete URL where the
> xo files are.
> download.sugarlabs.org is currently hosted in sunjammer.
> BUT we also define:
> define('REPO_PATH', '/srv/www-sugarlabs/activities/files');
> This directory contains AGAIN all the .xo files that are already hosted at
> sunjammer for download.sugarlabs.org (/srv/upload/activities). So we were
> keeping the activities in two different directories (and now two diff
> servers).
> I have run a diff -r between these two directories and there are some
> activities that are not present in download.sugarlabs.org and vice-versa.
> Just 10 activities and they are very old.
> I guess that REPO_PATH is the directory where files should be uploaded.
> were you synchronizing these directories -
> /srv/www-sugarlabs/activities/files and /srv/upload/activities?

In AMO code, REPO_PATH should be synced w/ FILES_HOST.
But in ASLO it was not used and, I guess, one of them was linked to another
(I don't have access to sunjammer w/ my old dsa key).


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