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Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Thu Oct 29 05:29:19 EDT 2015

So I've just build another vm from the jessie template, still having 25+
gb free on images partition. Anyhow there are a bunch of VMs there, some
of them quite old:

alpha-x86_64.img             dirt.qcow2      hanginggarden.qcow2  ole.qcow2              spectralwb.qcow2
beacon.qcow2                 dirt.xml        hanginggarden.xml    openbell.qcow2         template-jessie.qcow2
bigger_replicator.img        docky.qcow2     infragram.qcow2      owncloud.qcow2         template-squeeze.qcow2
buildslave-i386.qcow2        dogleash.qcow2  jerry.qcow2          pad.qcow2              template-wheezy.qcow2
buildslave-x86_64.qcow2      farmier.qcow2   kernel               pirate.qcow2           vote.qcow2
chat.qcow2                   farmier.xml     kuckuck.qcow2        plots2.qcow2
chat.xml                     genome.qcow2    lost+found           rickshaw.qcow2
copr.qcow2                   hammock.qcow2   munin.qcow2          spectralwb
debian-unstable-armmp.qcow2  hammock.xml     obs.qcow2            spectralwb-data.qcow2

I wonder if still all of them are needed? Also if so, please document
them in the wiki!

On 29/10/15 04:15, Munin wrote:
> sugarlabs.org :: freedom.sugarlabs.org :: Disk usage in percent
> 	WARNINGs: /var/lib/libvirt/images is 94.46 (outside range [:92]).
> 	OKs: /sys/fs/cgroup is 0.00, /backup is 68.76, / is 66.75, /run is 0.08, /run/shm is 0.00, /var/lib/docker is 86.63, /srv/socialhelp is 61.53, /run/user is 0.00, /run/lock is 0.08.

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