[Systems] Double entry in pootle database

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Tue May 26 02:43:18 EDT 2015

Hello pootle developers! (cc: Sugar Labs infrastructure team)

This is your friendly sugar labs pootle instance co-maintainer.

I've run into an issue I can't seem to fix.
You will be able to see the error at this URL:
Here i've pasted it for you:

    Server Error

An error has occurred. Thank you for your patience.

get() returned more than one Directory -- it returned 2! Lookup
parameters were {'pootle_path': u'/agr/Write/'}

This error started appearing as we were adding languages to an existing
project. Perhaps we did it twice.

I've gone into the database shell and inspected the records but did not
find where the issue seems to be. I don't know where to look because I
can't find a more detailed error log anywhere. Please help!


I+D SomosAzucar.Org
"icarito" #somosazucar en Freenode IRC
"Nadie libera a nadie, nadie se libera solo. Los seres humanos se liberan en comunión" - P. Freire

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