[Systems] Mailman 3

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Wed Apr 29 15:46:05 EDT 2015

Following up by email because I didn't respond immediately on irc and 
now you're not logged in.

So, I also expected mm3 to be immature at this point. 1.0 was released a 
few days ago after 7 years of development, and it's also radically 
different from its predecessor (https://lwn.net/Articles/642240/).

There's no hurry. We can wait a few more months for things to stabilize 
and then give it another try. I think there's value for us: the new web 
interface might help educators and other non-technical people 
participate with the rest of the community.

Thanks for testing this. Even if it didn't work out, I think it was 
worth trying.

<scg> I want to report you about my progress with mm3. Off plan, I have 
some bugs after installing mm3 and all its components. I am using 
released packages from the ubuntu 14.04 repositories.
<scg> I have tested it in all scenarios: with SQLite 3, with PostgreSQL 
(for both mailman and postorius_standalone), with virtual environment 
for python 2.7 and python 3.4, without venv, compiling the sources codes 
to get binaries. I have the same results for all of them.
<scg> As you might guess, I haven't had the chance to try the migration 
between mm2 and mm3.
<scg> The idea behind mm3 is good, however, I think that it is still no 
mature for production. Furthermore, I have found some errors/warnings 
with the ORM SQLAlchemy and also with the messages between postorius and 
the mailman client.
<scg> I can continue working on it and presenting the bug on the 
project's home (launchpad). I have already done it: 
<scg> Maybe I am doing something wrong, but for now this it what I've 
got. I couldn't work so much on it anyway. The wedding, the work and the 
trip preparation is killing me. I believe that maybe I have entered in a 
bad moment. But upon returning from my honeymoon I hope to help more to 
the SL team.
<scg> For now I can promise continue working on this to get a more 
secure result.

  _ // Bernie Innocenti
  \X/  http://codewiz.org

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