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Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Mon Jul 14 13:34:41 EDT 2014

In any case our community has a lot invested in Pootle, because this is 
the workflow cjl recommended from the beginning, and it was proven to 
Having written a manual for translating Sugar into native languages 
[1], that 
mostly deals with using pootle, I'd be saddened by that work going to 
waste, but even more so about loosing the opportunity to provide 
indigenous cultures with appropriate technology. Really this is 
important work that is still mostly pending.

So my vote goes for trying to salvage pootle and/or fully revamping our 
l10n workflow including updating the docs (I guess this would require 
some effort and resources and be a #1 priority for Sugar Labs). Worth 
discussing on IAEP as well.


El sáb, 12 de jul 2014 a las 7:36 PM, Bernie Innocenti 
<codewiz at google.com> escribió:
> +cjl
> On 07/12/2014 07:46 PM, Roberto Rodriguez Alcala wrote:
>> I think OOM killer and nasty things are easier to handle if we go 
>> with
>> the instance of its own option.
> Yes, and newpootle was created ~1yr ago specifically to host pootle 
> on justice.  However, the former maintainers of Pootle had some 
> trouble during the migration and left the old production instance 
> running on the ailing housetree (which at the time had already one 
> broken harddrive, iirc).
> My preferred way to handle unmaintained services would be shutting 
> them down gracefully with enough advance notice for users to migrate 
> away. An abandoned service *will* eventually break, leaving behind a 
> number of unhappy users who lost their data and making our team look 
> sloppy or even unprofessional.
> Pootle is an especially painful case because it's been crippled for 
> years with a number of stability and performance issues, and nobody 
> seems to love it enough to solve them. If even Tincho and Raul fail 
> to restore Pootle, I propose we declare its rotting carcass legally 
> dead and move on to consider alternative workflows for translators. 
> Chris, what do you think?
>> On Jun 13, 2014 9:52 PM, "Bernie Innocenti" <codewiz at google.com
>> <mailto:codewiz at google.com>> wrote:
>>     Hello,
>>     I've been chatting with Raul about setting up a new instance for 
>> Pootle.
>>     One possibility would be hosting it on jita so we don't have yet
>>     another VM to maintain, but jita is still running the previous 
>> LTS
>>     release of Ubuntu and should be upgraded before installing new
>>     services on it.
>>     Pootle also has a tendency to crash, OOM and do other nasty 
>> things,
>>     so it may be more prudent to host it on its own VM instead. Not 
>> sure.
>>     Comments?
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