[Systems] Local Labs wikis are down

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Sun Feb 16 19:20:26 EST 2014

+local labs (please fwd to proper contact if appropiate)

It would be a pity to see the valuable content that was in ar, co, and 
cl wikis be lost.

We (PE.) are feeling much better with a clean and simple wiki.

We would appreciate comments: http://pe.sugarlabs.org

Migration was a bit complicated.
I wrote some script that will pull wikitext content (and try to infer 
non-spam by picking up
content from known good users). But it was a bit painful because the the 
new wiki has a
different wiki syntax and images / attachments had to be handled manually.

Agreed to let the local labs wikis be down until we have a plan for 
fixing them properly.

El 16/02/14 14:59, Bernie Innocenti escribió:
> Ouch, the other local labs wikis are all down after I upgraded the main
> wiki! You know what? We could just pretend we didn't see anything and
> simply wait to see how long it takes before someone notices. In the end,
> we might not have to restore all of them :-)

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