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Sorry for the long delay, tincho! Next time please ping me or post to
the systems@ list where someone else can respond (unlikely, but possible).

Do you still need this? I'll be online all day... and glad to show you
how to do step 1 yourself and discuss step 2 and 3.

I think sunjammer might work for this kind of things. You or manuq can
deploy the app in /srv/www-sugarlabs/contest and create a ProxyPass
virtualhost for it (we already have a few of those, grep the apache config).

For manageability, it would be easier if the Python code could run
directly in Apache, like with mod_python. So we wouldn't have a separate
process pool to start and manage. If this can't be done, the proxy is
still an option. Make sure the Python web server binds to localhost and
not to a public IP! Apache offers a layer of protection and logging that
helps stop some attacks, so we don't want random web apps to be directly
accessible from the outside.

That's pretty much it! As I said, chat me on #sugar for the details.

On 02/11/2014 12:03 PM, Martin Abente wrote:
> Hello Bernie-sama,
> We are going to host a worldwide "background design" contest for Sugar
> :) Now that we finally support it, since Sugar 0.100.
> Manuel Quiñones has developed a website [1] for the contest and I need
> to deploy it in Sugar Labs infrastructure, therefore I need your
> assistance once again.
> If is possible, could you:
> 1. create a "contest.sugarlabs.org <http://contest.sugarlabs.org>"
> sub-domain?
> 2. tell me which server I could use to deploy the website? Since images
> will be uploaded, I think you are the best to judge which server has the
> proper storage capacity.
> 3. do the proper port forwarding stuff? This website will simply run a
> python web server, port 8000.
> Domo Arigato,
> tch.
> Refs:
> 1. https://github.com/manuq/bg-contest

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