[Systems] Link removal request

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Sat Feb 15 16:20:24 EST 2014

Hi Bernie and everyone,
In the meantime we've phased out the old wiki for the new one (it's 
still a wiki, only a simpler one).
So far it's working well for us.
Let me know if we can help with anything else.

El 15/02/14 12:50, Bernie Innocenti escribió:
> +systems@
> +sebastian
> Sebastian, the PE wiki has already been superseded by the new site, is
> that correct?
> On 02/01/2014 11:59 AM, Rodger Lodge wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We have recently received a notification from Google stating that our
>> website has unnatural links pointing towards it. This has really damaged
>> our rankings on Google and as a result, we're trying to clear things up.
>> Our website url is www.entrust.net.
>> We noticed the following links are pointing to our website from your site:
>> http://pe.sugarlabs.org/wiki/index.php?title=Get_Automated_With_Account_Registration_Software&diff=42656&oldid=0
>> I appreciate this is inconvenient and isn't a reflection on your website
>> at all, but if you're able to remove the links, we would really
>> appreciate it and would be very grateful.
>> I look forward to hearing from you.
>> Rodger Lodge
>> Entrust, Inc.

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