[Systems] Request for hosting

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sat Sep 28 15:54:19 EDT 2013

On 09/28/2013 07:59 AM, Sebastian Silva wrote:
> El 27/09/13 12:35, Bernie Innocenti escribió:
>> Do you already have a filesystem image or are you planning to install
>> from an iso? We generally host builders on our spare server freedom. 
> I currently only have a chroot'd partition. Would it be easier for me to
> try to transform that into a filesystem image? It should be quite simple
> (and probably easier) for me to turn a plain off-the-shelf fedora 14
> system into our builder.

As long as you don't need any updates from yum repositories... Those
might no longer be available from most Fedora mirrors.

Converting your chroot to a bootable image can be feasible *if* you get
all the black magic for booting right. That's a big if though.

You could actually go with a hybrid approach: install Fedora 14 off an
iso image, then mount it and rsync your chroot files into it :-)

>> [...]
>> Do you need a separate VM for these? If it's something public-facing and
>> doesn't use a lot of resources, I'd host it on our primary server
>> justice which provides better SLA.
> No need for vm only for that. I'd need access to justice :-)

Justice does not directly run any services, it's just a KVM host.

You can host those apps on either sunjammer or jita, but only if they're
small, safe and relatively self-contained (relies exclusively on
in-distro packaged dependencies). Create unprivileged users for them and
don't let them access anything they don't need.

Use your best judgement: if the app looks low-quality or unsafe, isolate
it into a small VM that doesn't do anything else.

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