[Systems] Request for hosting

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Fri Sep 27 06:55:02 EDT 2013

Hi guys,
I would like to request the following:
* a (virtual) build server that will run fedora-14 that I need for 
building reference Deployment Platform (downstream, Hexoquinasa) for 
Perú. It must be 32 bits because so far I've failed at compiling 
bios-crypto on a 64 bits system.

* hosting for tests.somosazucar.org (jenkins instance), for automated 
testing, currently hosted in external host.
* hosting for tareas.somosazucar.org (roundup instance), our bug 
tracking system, also hosted in external host.

These will benefit the children of Perú by enabling quicker building and 
wider sharing of testing operating system images, as well as making 
possible some forms of automatic testing. It will be useful also to 
decentralize the build process. Currently i'm building on my laptop and 
it takes me about 10 hours to upload a full image with my Internet 

= Notes on usage expected
Only light traffic. Buildserver would be used for building testing 
images during the month and monthly release candidates which are being 
used for pilot testing.

In the future, when I figure out how to virtually boot the image, I 
would like to add automatic testing beyond those currently in place for 
Sugar Network.

= Actions required
Given access and pointing in the right direction I can setup these myself:

* Create virtual machine for fedora-14 host and provide me access.
* Point me to where I should setup jenkins and roundup for hosted sites.

Thanks in advance,

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