[Systems] Upgrading bender

Bernie Innocenti bernie at sugarlabs.org
Mon Jan 14 09:13:08 EST 2013

Simone, could you please try to boot the machine with a grub usb stick?

If that fails, maybe boot off a Fedora 17/18 cd. In order to mount the
root, you'll have to rebuild md0 off the two partitions (probably sda1
and sdb1).

If everything else fails, I guess it's ok to install the machine ex novo
with the latest Ubuntu or Fedora PRESERVING ALL OTHER PARTITIONS.

Thanks for taking care of this, we appreciate it.

> On 14 January 2013 10:58, Simone Roselli <sroselli at develer.com> wrote:
> > I didn't see which grub version we are facing with. Does Fedora 16 ship
> > with grub2 or less ?
> It ships with grub2 but I wasn't able to grub2-install because
> core.img is slightly too large to fit in the mbr gap. I was booting
> fine with the grub1 installed by F15. Then I tried to grub-install
> from F16 (grub1, the package is available but obsoleted, so it can be
> installed if you force it) and it stopped to boot. At the same time I
> also added the fs conversion paramaters to grub.conf, but they are
> just kernel command line args, it seems we are failing earlier than that.
> So I'm not sure how we would get this unstuck. We would need to
> install grub2 to get it booting but we can't do so without modifying
> the partition table or getting rid of the raid (I suspect the core.img
> would fit if it wasn't for the raid module).

Bernie Innocenti
Sugar Labs Infrastructure Team

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