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Werner Westermann wernerio at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 09:39:28 EDT 2013

Oh OK, please let me know from these agreements how our lab has it's space
on the sur.sugarlabs.org wiki.  Best wishes,


2013/8/16 Bernie Innocenti <bernie at codewiz.org>

> On 08/15/2013 11:56 PM, Sebastian Silva wrote:
> > Hola Bernardo,
> >
> > Thanks for looking into this.
> >
> > With regard to pe.sugarlabs.org, we actively use it, and are aware of
> > the spam issue. I set up captcha for new users registrations for this
> > purpose and it seemed to deter spam for a while, but it's not sufficient.
> >
> > When Chris started the laudable initiative to manually clean the wiki I
> > thanked him but expressed concern that we might be better off to just
> > start a new wiki from scratch and move valid content from the old one.
> That's quite easy to do: just dump a subset of the pages to xml and
> restore it into a new wiki. There's a Special page to do that.
> > Since the issue is common to all of our "local labs" wikis, at the time
> > I proposed to unify the latin-american wikis into one sur.sugarlabs.org
> > wiki, but none of the mantainers answered.
> I think consolidating the local labs on sur.sugarlags.org is a great idea.
> If the current maintainers of the other local labs don't respond for
> extended periods of time, I think we should consider them MIA and try to
> find new maintainers or turn off the unmaintained wiki. Feel free to
> take action, you have more context than I do.
> > I have been pondering the possiblity to move our wiki away from
> > Mediawiki into something different that might be less maintenance / with
> > a better workflow and am seriously considering moving to Hatta Wiki
> > http://hatta-wiki.org/, but I'm still not sure because it lacks the
> > ability to register new users (Hatta Wiki expects the web server to
> > authenticate users - we could use LDAP at ldap.sugarlabs.org but not all
> > of our users have shell accounts).
> We can give ldap accounts to users with no shell access and no home on
> sunjammer. The only downside is that there's no web interface to
> manipulate the users. All we have is a crude password form that I wrote
> 10 years ago for my company (sorry for using php, there was nothing
> better at the time).
> It would be nice to investigate using a CRM to manage Sugar Labs
> memberships and accounts. These things tend to be huge and complicated
> (like CiviCRM), so I'm not sure it would be a good idea. That's why I
> said *investigate* above :-)
> > The main advantage I see is that it allows for offline editing and
> > maintenance of simple text files (under version control) which seems
> > much simpler for me than the web tools Mediawiki provides, that are
> > practically useless on a slow Internet link.
> I wrote my own minimalistic wiki backed by git for codewiz.org a long
> time ago (this time using Python, and forking some existing code). I
> think minimal wikis are a cool hacker toy, but I wouldn't recommend
> using one of those if you want on-technical users to contribute.
> Mediawiki has a huge userbase and lots of features to make editing
> easier. It's also already familiar to everyone in the OLPC and Sugar
> Labs communities.
> Anyway, it's up to you: since you're the one doing the work, you get to
> choose the tools. Feel free to play with any idea on sunjammer (taking
> into account security and stability, of course).
> > My concern about moving to wiki.sl.o is that what little identity each
> > local group has had might be gone. Also wiki.sl.o is very
> > english-centric and not too friendly for a spanish non-technical user to
> > find relevant information.
> Agreed. sur.sugarlabs.org would keep the spanish-speaking community
> together while avoiding excessive overlap and maintenance burden.
> > Meanwhile, did we get the new server? I setup a few services on the
> > server hosted by my friend in Switzerland, but that need proper backup:
> > tareas.somosazucar.org (our very own bugtracker!)
> > tests.somosazucar.org (an instance of Jenkins testing bot for testing
> > Sugar Network Webui on each commit)
> > consulta.somosazucar.org (a LimeSurvey instance for creating online
> > surveys - still to be used)
> >
> > Would you consider letting us have a virtual machine to mirror/backup
> > these and setup a clean wiki?
> Oh, did I forget to tell you about it? Yes, our two new servers have
> been in production for a while. We do have spare capacity to offer to
> local labs. Please post a new thread on systems@ with your requirements.
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