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forwarding the first email of this sugar-devel thread, the infrastructure
team should be interested and I'm not sure everyone pays attention to the
devel list. I should have probably cced.

Better to read the whole thread and answer there if possible.


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Date: 24 April 2013 19:03
Subject: Moving to github
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I suggest that we move to github permanently.

* The workflow is better than both mailing list and trac. Anyone interested
can subscribe and see all the patches being posted. And patches are not
lost because we have a list of outstanding ones. These are the major
features that was not covered by the other tools.
A better tool won't solve the core of our reviews problems (we need more
people to get involved) but I think it's an improvement anyway.
* github is the cool place to be these days :)
* People are getting used to the pull request workflow, so we would lower
the barrier.
* Someone else is maintaining the service. We are having too many downtimes
imo for something critical like code repositories.

This is about the core modules. I'm not sure about activities.

Daniel Narvaez

Daniel Narvaez
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