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Hi lists,

The release of Pootle 2.5 is expected to happen soon, and while the
latest fixes are being cooked, we would like to make a global call for

For that matter, the official Pootle server has been upgraded, and the
existing translations have been updated against the latest templates too.

If you want to translate Pootle using Pootle, please head to the
official server at http://pootle.locamotion.org/projects/pootle/ and
start translating into your language straight away.

In case you prefer to work offline, you can choose to download the
latest translation files for your language, translate the files with
your editor of choice and upload them back to Pootle.

Please note that a string freeze is not yet guaranteed, so there might
still be some slight changes before the final release. The current
strings are not expected to change that much though, and it's safe to
start translating — that's why we're making the call in the first place.

If you have any doubts or questions, we are happy to help.

Thanks for contributing!


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