[Systems] Bug trackers for downstream issues discussion

Pablo Flores pflores at activitycentral.com
Wed Mar 14 14:24:11 EDT 2012

Hey guys! I'm writing to sugar labs infrastructure team + Walter + Rubén
(activity central CTO) + Anish (dextrose lead developer) for knowing your
opinions about a need we've detected working with deployments.

As a basic background, in activity central (AC) we provide software
services to deployments using Sugar. We work for them fixing bugs and
adding features which they find prioritary. At this moment we release all
these patches in the dextrose sugar distribution. So far we've been working
on the issues mainly in the deployments' bugtrackers. However, it's not the
best for working collaboratively with the community and upstreaming the
patches, as those bugtrackers are not public.

So we talked about it with some deployments, which agreed in using public
bugtrackers for most of the issues they want us to work out. We're willing
to do this, but some questions arise, for which I'd like to know your

   - Would bugs.sugarlabs.org be a right place for this? I wonder if it
   would be accurate mixing upstream with downstream issues...
   - If we use a public bugtracker, no matter if it's bugs.sl.org or
   another one, we have a mandatory need, which is being able to customize it
   to the workflow of the deployments. This includes adding specific fields
   and statuses in the bugtracker. Those customizations may vary from
   deployment to deployment. So, for being able to use a public bugtracker
   with deployments, AC should be able to customize it as much as needed.
   Would this be possible to do with a shared bugtracker or would it be better
   that AC sets up its own (public) one?

We're open to different possible solutions. The easy way for us would be
just setting up our own bugtracker and making it public for some projects.
However, we're looking for the best option for working together with the

Looking forward for hearing your thoughts on this! FWIW, Rubén and I will
be in Boston soon, from 23rd to 26th March, so maybe we can meet in person
for discussing this. Additionally, we are open for questions about AC or
whatever we can be helpful at.

Pablo Flores
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