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The reason for the backup process on treehouse failing was that the same
file system (root file system of the pootle VM) was mounted on both the
pootle VM _and_ treehouse. This caused file system corruption, leading
to a directory loop (hard linked).

I've now unmounted /mnt/pootle-root on treehouse (the host machine),
created /forcefsck on pootle (the VM) and discarded the pending
treehouse log messages in the systems-logs queue (we really don't want
to deliver > 75MB of logs to all subscribers).

We should reboot the Pootle VM ASAP to get the file system checked. This
might take a while, so we need to coordinate with the localization folks
(-> CC'ed Chris, Gonzalo & Rafael).

Please tell me when a good time for a reboot would be (on any day other
than Wednesday or Thursday). I'd like to attend the reboot in case the
file system corruption causes it not to come up again. Alternatively
Bernie could do it.


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