[Systems] Meetbot unhappy?

Sean DALY sdaly.be at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 12:12:14 EST 2011

Hi bernie, dogi et. al.,

We had a marketing meeting today and although the meetbot communicated
during the meeting, it appears no log was generated:


I mailed the attached text file to the marketing list and will attempt
to get a wiki page up later, but perhaps meetbot needs some TLC?


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	<SeanDaly>	greetings JT4sugar
	<JT4sugar>	Hi Sean
	<SeanDaly>	i'm deep underwater since travelling last week and catching up with work :-(
	<SeanDaly>	I didn't even send meeting reminder
	<JT4sugar>	Need to call Prof Jacobs with information today
	<SeanDaly>	what info does he need again?
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	<SeanDaly>	hi CanoeBerry
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	<JT4sugar>	Per Prof. Jacobs-Next steps can move forward once I know the following...
	<JT4sugar>	1. If the design firm is in, and for what.
	<JT4sugar>	2. What you are looking to have done to the site. Graphics only, total reorg, new underlying tech, etc
	<SeanDaly>	1. design firm here : #link http://www.seso.net/
	<SeanDaly>	1. it's pretty open, they mentioned an Activity, website work, or event assistance
	<SeanDaly>	2. redesign for sure, but we are likely only looking at the "static frontal" site - sl.o is actually a hodgepodge of several different sites, under different domains
	<SeanDaly>	2. I think the key problem we have aside from ease of use & access to info from homepage is: federating disparate sl.o websites
	<JT4sugar>	When was last contact with design firm?
	<SeanDaly>	end December, they are waiting for our call when we are ready
	<JT4sugar>	Need to verify if they are willing to work with with Prof Jacob and student
	<SeanDaly>	Prof Jacob, student, Christian, and teacher betatesters panel to be created
	<SeanDaly>	I don't see a problem - they need a "client" to do the brief and be SL contact during work
	<SeanDaly>	Redoing frontal site is not a big job if shared. But federating disparate websites is... we sorely need a functioning search engine for example
	<JT4sugar>	Because Co-op is a formal set-up for Prof. Jacobs he is going to want to know we made verbal contact with firm to get their ok before he moves forward
	<SeanDaly>	ok for what? They have offered services we need...
	<JT4sugar>	Is firm willing to work with Prof. Jacobs program and student I understand they want to help us that does not mean they are willing to team with RIT to do so
	<SeanDaly>	Firm knows we are resource-challenged nonprofit... "team with RIT" just means their primary SL contacts would be student and Christian
	<JT4sugar>	I think it would be best and for Prof Jacob he wants to know if firm has signed off on idea. Can't we just run it by them and get ok?
	<SeanDaly>	for example, key role of student would be to implement our brief (as opposed to cutting-edge design which could mean less usable)
	<SeanDaly>	if you want to call them, go ahead, but I'm not sure why we would need "ok". I guess in the worst case they could decline on the basis of too many cooks spoiling the soup, but even in that case they could help in other ways such as implementing an Activity
	<SeanDaly>	Frontal site needs interface design in particular visuals, logo, and menu, then to be coded & betatested, then perhaps successive iteration(s)
	<SeanDaly>	Christian and the student could certainly handle design, but we need help for visuals (field photos may be sufficient, but a shoot possibly better), and likely help with coding
	<SeanDaly>	Christian is occupied with an important presentation for next two weeks, but that gives us time to assemble teacher panel
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	<SeanDaly>	Re visuals: a potential problem with field photos (classroom shots) is we need signed releases,
	<christianmarcsch>	hi SeanDaly
	<christianmarcsch>	i have a few minutes, thought i'd check in
	<SeanDaly>	I had release draft language ready a couple of years ago will dig it out
	<SeanDaly>	hi christianmarcsch!
	<SeanDaly>	Sorry I forgot to send meeting invite been swamped since return
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: no problem!
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	<JT4sugar>	SeanDaly, For all involved-my understanding was you were going to reach out to Firm explain situation(New website-Team up with RIT Co-op program) and see if this was in line with their offer. Co-op is a formal arrangement and Prof. would like a detailed understanding
	<SeanDaly>	JT4sugar and I were just discussing website revamp a bit
	<christianmarcsch>	hi JT4sugar
	<JT4sugar>	Hi Christian
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: Sean and I met a few days ago in NY and were talking about the website
	<SeanDaly>	JT4sugar: I've been in transit since I learned was urgent
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: i agree it's high-time for a redesign
	<christianmarcsch>	as I mentioned to Sean, at the time the design possibilities were difficult because we didn't have access to a lot of content
	<christianmarcsch>	most of it was written, which is why the site ended up being very text-heavy
	<JT4sugar>	Problem were running into is RIT new quarter starts in week so Prof Jacobs must place student immediately if not us someone else will get services
	<christianmarcsch>	but i was inspired by the new OLPC redesign, and think we could try something similarly visually driven
	<SeanDaly>	christianmarchsch: RIT student seems like great opportunity to have lots of man-days available to help
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: i agree--that sounds great
	<JT4sugar>	christianmarcsch, RIT and Prof Jacobs have student that if we get on Co-op will be able to put 40hrs a week toward project for quarter
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: that sounds like a great opportunity to get some help, especially around the content creation
	<SeanDaly>	christianmarcsch: JT4sugar is concerned design firm may be reticent to work with us if RIT student in the picture
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: in my mind, quality content would be the most important aspect of an overhaul
	<SeanDaly>	I myself don't see why that would be... design firm knows we are resource-challenged
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: for the frontal site, i don't know that we need the design firm involved
	<SeanDaly>	Ideally design firm could help us organize photo shoots
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	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: that is a good point
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: my other concern are the other websites, such as the activity portal
	<SeanDaly>	christianmarcsch: yes, i'm really more worried about visuals & coding resources
	<SeanDaly>	chrostianmarcsch: yes a few minutes ago I mentioned I think federating disparate SL websites a challenge
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: who exactly is the student we are talking about? does he have a bio?
	<SeanDaly>	JT4sugar: do you have more info re student?
	<JT4sugar>	SeanDaly, No , it was suggeested I contact Prof. Jacobs in our conversation he said he had someone available that would work for this and he is under assumption student is working alongside design firm
	<JT4sugar>	christianmarcsch, Prof. Jacobs and RIT FOSS program has done previous work with us
	<SeanDaly>	JT4sugar: Christian has confirmed he can play key role too - perhaps design firm unnecessary in this phase?
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: you had mentioned you may know photographers you could ask to help us generate visuals
	<SeanDaly>	JT4sugar: Prof Jacobs worked with FGrose if I'm not mistaken
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: i bet we could also pull together a lot of compelling imagery taken in the field
	<SeanDaly>	christianmarcsch: I only know a couple personally, but I have compiled a list I could cold-call
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	<JT4sugar>	SeanDaly, Understanding Christian's restraints and our need to have this done by Uruguay race time the more resources the better at this point. If we are going to make this Teacher centered we need some heavy lifting
	<SeanDaly>	christianmarcsch: I agree we just need to be clean with image releases
	<SeanDaly>	JT4sugar: re Uruguay, 2011 schedule is up: #link http://www.slipstreamsports.com/calendar
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: when it comes to the frontal site, that is something i can handle. only concern is around the other websites as i mentioend (e.g. activity portal)
	<christianmarcsch>	but if the design firm is mainly there to focus on content creation, that sounds great
	<christianmarcsch>	when i worked on the previous OLPC website with eleven, that was largely their focus
	<SeanDaly>	Walter told me race he has in mind in Uruguay is April 15-24 "Vuelta Ciclista al Ururguay"
	<christianmarcsch>	elevan was the design firm helping us from the pentagram side
	<christianmarcsch>	*eleven
	<SeanDaly>	Maybe design firm could assist with Garmin-Cervelo Uruguay race event?
	<JT4sugar>	christianmarcsch, With these offers on table I believe now is time to pool resources and take care of this much needed upgrade. Teachers will love us for it!
	<SeanDaly>	Because website revamp may be rushed if deadline is mid-April?
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: i totally agree. just thinking that it would be great to get the help, but i'd love to still be the primary designer for the frontal site.
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: we now have the opportunity to really overhaul the site and make it great--something we didn't have content for when v1 launched
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: and in my mind, the site is an extension of the brand identity, which come directly from the sugar UI
	<SeanDaly>	Looking at Seso site and original mail from CEO, they are event-oriented
	<JT4sugar>	christianmarcsch, That's your call. All I know is race will be pointing many new eyes to site and we need to take advantage of situation
	<SeanDaly>	Walter has mentioned on list possibility of interactive event in Uruguay, kids recording/commenting on race with Sugar on XOs during whole week
	<JT4sugar>	christianmarcsch, My thought is to team you and student with design firm and hammer out a plan. They can hopefully fill in spots we are weak and help extend brand
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: that makes sense. the design firm could perhaps also focus on a microsite specifically geared towards the upcoming event
	<christianmarcsch>	another way eleven was able to help us at the time was to think about scenarios
	<SeanDaly>	Yes, microsite would make sense, needs to be in Spanish and work well under Sugar Browse ;-)
	<christianmarcsch>	and provide guidance as far as the audience(s) we are looking to address
	<christianmarcsch>	i could see that as another crucial role for the design firm to play--helping with the information architecture, as it were
	<SeanDaly>	christianmarcsch: do you mean scenarios as in visit paths on site?
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: yes, exactly
	<JT4sugar>	SeanDaly, With your ok I am going to call CEO at Seso explain situation and get his feedback-sign on or would you like to place call or email?
	<SeanDaly>	Marketlab study identified teacher difficulties for sure
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: that level of guidance and involvement would be great to have
	<SeanDaly>	JT4sugar: go ahead, mention my name you have thread. ideally they could help us with Uruguay race microsite & events (possibly even dedicated Activity), as well as architecture & scenarios assistance Christian just mentioned
	<SeanDaly>	JT4sugar: see this thread re Uruguay race: #link http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/marketing/2011-January/003151.html
	<satellit_>	would portal include a multlanguage web based VM? (I think dogi was working on this)
	<SeanDaly>	greetings satellit_
	<satellit_>	hi
	<christianmarcsch>	hi satellit_
	<JT4sugar>	SeanDaly, I will look for buy-in and then suggest we have conference call at sometime in near future with Design Firm, Christian, Sean, RIT(Student/Prof Jacobs) to discuss larger needs and how we might go about approaching them
	<satellit_>	: )
	<SeanDaly>	satellit_: FGrose seemed to be saying in IRC log from infrastructure meeting that dogi's web-based VM difficult to scale... no more than several users a a time :-(
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	<SeanDaly>	JT4sugar: sounds great, their resources could provide key assistance to generate buzz with Uruguay race
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: sounds like a great way to start things off
	<SeanDaly>	By the way I have important news about OLPC-A
	<SeanDaly>	Giulia D'Amico in Miami now handling PR for them
	<SeanDaly>	I mentioned Uruguay race possibility to her last week,
	<SeanDaly>	would be great if we could do joint PR with OLPC that week
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	<SeanDaly>	JT4sugar: available most days for conf call but since Seso on left coast, ideally late evening Paris time ;-)
	<SeanDaly>	christianmarcsch: do you think April 15th doable for website revamp?
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: yes, that definitely sounds doable
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: the tough part is going to be coordinating all of the players, but in general a month and a half should be enough for the design work
	<SeanDaly>	it would really be fabulous if design firm could assist with both Uruguay event and website arch & scenarios
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: yes, agree. also wondering about implementation and requirements. we should figure out if there is any news features (from a technology standpoint) we will want to have
	<christianmarcsch>	*new features
	<JT4sugar>	christianmarcsch, What does your avalability look like starting next week going forward. Any times better than others taking into account Design Firm West Coast
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: i am at TED next week, but back the week after. my availability is mornings/evenings EST (I'm based in NY)
	<SeanDaly>	christianmarcsch: to be honest my main worry is that we are not sure yet how best to help teachers "touch & feel" Sugar
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: i completely agree with that
	<SeanDaly>	in other words download/install/configure recommendation
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: we need to find a way to bring the experience to life
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: and as you say making downloading the software accessible should also be one of the top goals
	<SeanDaly>	christianmarcsch: this is why I was so excited about dogi's online VM experiment... Sugar in a browser eliminates download/install barrier
	<JT4sugar>	christianmarcsch, If all works I will try to set up larger conference call between players week of March 7th-Does that sound workable?
	<SeanDaly>	But, it seems doing that is difficult to scale
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: yes, definitely. i can make the time for it, and monday's are usually slow here
	<SeanDaly>	Mondays good for me too
	<christianmarcsch>	JT4sugar: but anytime that week works
	<SeanDaly>	on the to-do list is also short films showcasing Sugar Activities; I have had difficulty getting screen-capture software working, but when I do, I have everything else: mics for voiceover &c
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: that sounds fantastic!
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: would be great if we had one or two video case studies we could launch with the new website
	<SeanDaly>	film(s) as a way of bypassing install barrier... we have a dedicated channel on DailyMotion: #link: Giulia D'Amico
	<SeanDaly>	oops
	<SeanDaly>	film(s) as a way of bypassing install barrier... we have a dedicated channel on DailyMotion: #link: http://www.dailymotion.com/sugarlabs
	<SeanDaly>	christianmarcsch: I agree
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: i'm going to have to tune out, but i'm glad i could catch this conversation! looking forward to the conference call in a few weeks
	<SeanDaly>	But anything requiring realworld footage would I think be beyond what I can do myself
	<SeanDaly>	many thanks christianmarcsch, I have to go too, JT4sugar anything else for now?
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: we should continue to talk about realworld footage, since i think it would be be0x080x08 the best way to showcase the software and learning experience
	<satellit_>	make a DVD with install instructions?
	<satellit_>	video
	<SeanDaly>	Maybe Seso could assist with that as part of event participation?
	<christianmarcsch>	that's a great idea
	<SeanDaly>	satellit_: a good idea
	<satellit_>	could place on downloads page
	<christianmarcsch>	i'm also thinking of footage from the classrooms
	<christianmarcsch>	seems that OLPC might have access to some materials we could use?
	<SeanDaly>	I will liaise with Giulia to see what's possible re footage
	<christianmarcsch>	SeanDaly: sounds great
	<christianmarcsch>	ok, i have to leave for now--thanks!
	<SeanDaly>	thanks Christian!!
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	<SeanDaly>	JT4sugar: picture should be clearer now re Seso & RIT calls... it's great you can do those
	<JT4sugar>	SeanDaly, Will see what I can find out put together and will let you know. Thanks for today
	<SeanDaly>	many thanks to you!! and satellit_ :-)
	<satellit_>	thanks
	<SeanDaly>	#end-meeting
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