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Wed Apr 20 10:40:28 EDT 2011

One other key feature of Pootle that may not be fully understood has to do
with commiting completed PO files.  In an unhosted solution (and I think in
some hosted options) the burden of committing is on the package maintainer.
PO file commits are either performed by the maintainer or commit privs need
to be opened widely and managed by the package maintainer.

Within Pootle, this is managed by granting gituser:pootle commit access.
Language admins manage their own commits via the Pootle UI.  Lang admin priv
is managed by the Translation Team (usually me) via the Pootle Admin UI.
This results in commit priv being limited to the PO folder in any given
package and the ability to invoke the gituser:pootle's commit priv being
controlled on a per language (or if needed per language/project) basis.
This ability to selectively invoke the commit priv of the "proxy"
gituser:pootle system account reduces the friction involved in getting PO
files into the repo considerably and while it requires some back-end work to
get it set up, that effort is highly leveraged by saving time for many

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