[Systems] [Fwd: please change resolv.conf on sugarlabs machines]

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-ui-sugar-systems at silbe.org
Sat Jun 5 06:09:35 EDT 2010

Excerpts from Bernie Innocenti's message of Fri May 28 21:04:43 +0000 2010:

> Note: we can't use ns1.sugarlabs.org and ns2.sugarlabs.org as they
> recursive queries are disallowed.
treehouse uses sunjammer (ns2) and it works fine, but IMO we should change that. It's always a good idea to keep those functions (content servers and recursive resolvers) separated. It's easy enough for a "trusted" client to "accidently" poison your cache (e.g. mail server doing lookups on the HELO/EHLO host name).

> Can you please update
>   /etc/resolv.conf
> to use
>   nameserver
>   nameserver

Current status:

sunjammer		already done (dogi?)
treehouse		already done (dogi?)
lightwave		already done (dogi?)
idea			unknown (console not working)
mapspress		unknown (needs root password)
ole			unknown (needs root password)
zatoichi		unknown (needs root password)
launchpad		unknown (needs root password)
monitoring		unknown (needs root password)
pootle			unknown (needs root password)
subuntu			done
sharing			unknown (needs root password)
aslo-web		unknown (needs root password)
rt			unknown (needs root password)
schooltool		unknown (needs root password)

Besides configuring all VMs to allow root login without password on the console (that's only accessible to root on the host anyway, so no risk) it's probably a good idea to set up a recursive resolver (e.g. dnscache ;) ) on housetree, treehouse and bender.

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