[Systems] Syndication Request for SugarLabs

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Jun 3 10:31:18 EDT 2010

El Mon, 31-05-2010 a las 15:59 -0400, Luke Faraone escribió:
> On Monday, May 31, 2010, Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu at sugarlabs.org> wrote:
> > As an aside, what people think about adding a vancancy to
> > http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Vacancies for the planet master?

> I'm also happy to help with that, I just need write access to the
> requisite folder. I've managed planetplanet in the past.

Thanks, your help is very appreciated. I also remembered that Sayamindu
offered to become a Planet Master.

Use your own best judgment in accepting or rejecting new feeds. Here's
what I personally do:

 * Check existing posts to ensure a minimum quality level. If there are
   no posts yet, kindly ask the submitter to come back later.

 * I often have to remind new subscribers to provide a suitable
   hackergotchi icon with transparency. So far I've been quite flexible
   on this rule, but it might be good to become stricter

 * Ask subscribers to filter their feeds for the topic Sugar so we don't
   get to publish all their personal life. Stories about the XO hardware
   are border-line: the Sugar Planet should focus mainly on Sugar.

 * In case inappropriate content shows up on the Planet, such as spam or
   vulgarity, immediately take down the feed and then contact the owner.

Personally, I see blog aggregators more as a magazine with lazy editors
than a free-speech service. Web forums exist to fulfill the that purpose
without any manual intervention.

Again, feel free to give the Planet a different "cut" in the future. My
gut feeling is that traffic has increased enough that we could start
asking the most prolific bloggers to limit the number of posts and focus
more on Sugar.

> Anyway, there's no problem with us having more than one, since I've
> already taken the liberty of creating a planetmaster at rt.sugarlabs.org
> queue that we can use in the future to manage this.

Great. Is planetmaster at sugarlabs.org already being redirected to it?

> Who needs to grant the permissions?

Sascha or Dogi could take care of that while I'm at 30k ft in a tin can
over the Bermuda Triangle. All they need to do is adding you and
sayamindu to the group "sugarplanet" on Sunjammer.

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